Being a Human Person

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Being a Human Person

Runtime: 92 Minutes | Rating: Not Rated
Languages: Swedish, English with English subtitles
Director: Fred Scott
Genres: Documentary, Films & Filmmakers
Distributor: Human Person Ltd


At 76 years of age, Swedish auteur Roy Andersson is about to complete his last film, About Endlessness. But now, with the end of his career in sight, the central thematic concerns of Roy's work - vulnerability, insecurity and mortality - spill over into his creative process, blurring the line between the personal and the professional. In documenting this process, Being A Human Person becomes a powerful meditation on the relationship between art and artist, and a heartbreakingly honest portrait of one of the most original and humane directors in cinema.

"[A] terrific, unexpectedly moving documentary." -Wendy Ide, Observer (UK)