Casting Blossoms to the Sky

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Casting Blossoms to the Sky

Runtime: 160 Minutes | Rating: Not Rated
Language: Japanese with English subtitles
Director: Nobuhiko Obayashi
Cast: Yasuko Matsuyuki: Reiko Endo, Akira Emoto: Seijiro, Masayuki Yui: Zenjiro, Masahiro Takashima: Kenichi Katayama, Natsuki Harada: Wakako Inoue, Sumiko Fuji: Ririko Motoki
Genre: Drama
Distributor: KimStim


In the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, journalist Reiko Endo travels to the city of Nagaoka in Niigata Prefecture as it prepares for an annual fireworks festival memorializing the fallen victims of war. Drawn to the city by an old flame who plans to put on a war-themed play written by a mysterious student, Reiko embarks on a journey of self-discovery as she learns the storied history of Nagaoka and the ghosts of its war-torn past.