Her Socialist Smile

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Her Socialist Smile

Runtime: 93 Minutes | Rating: Not Rated
Director: John Gianvito
Cast: Noam Chomsky, Carolyn Forch
Genres: Documentary, Politics, Women and Film
Distributor: Grasshopper Film


Continuing his work of patient and insightful political filmmaking, director John Gianvito (PROFIT MOTIVE AND THE WHISPERING WIND) resurrects Helen Keller's radical views, which have been largely suppressed or sanitized over the years. In HER SOCIALIST SMILE, he researches how, beginning in her early 30s, the pioneer leftist thinker fervently and eloquently spoke out on behalf of many progressive causes, from the rights of women and the disabled, to international socialism and world peace.

"Fascinating a portrait of a woman who has little to lose and is willing to give her all for what she believes in." -Alissa Wilkinson, Vox