Living Wine

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Living Wine

Runtime: 85 Minutes | Rating: Not Rated
Director: Lori Miller
Cast: Megan Bell, Gideon Beinstock, James Jelks, Saron Rice, Dani Rozman, Darek Trowbridge, Elizabeth Candelario, Matt Cirne, Dr. Timothy LaSalle
Genres: Documentary, Greg's List
Distributor: Abramorama


Living Wine follows the journeys of natural winemakers in Northern California, during the largest wildfire season on record. Equal parts farmer, winemaker, and artist, they stay true to their ideals of creating exceptional wines made through innovative sustainable and regenerative farming and without chemical additives. Eschewing the industrial agricultural practices of the corporate wine industry our winemakers are healing the very environment they are surviving, including rising temperatures, shorter growing seasons, and more frequent wildfires.